Why We Wear Black

Why We Wear Black

Yes, we wear black. Everyday. Yes, because it looks great on everyone, but there’s more behind the why. Admissions Counselor, Laura shared with us the reasons why we, and the Aveda network wear black.

Why Do We Wear Black in the Beauty Industry?

I’m going to estimate that 85% of my entire wardrobe is black. I’ll be at the mall looking for new clothes and I disregard anything that isn’t black, because what’s the point in buying it if I can’t wear it to work? My friends mock me for looking “funeral-ready” at all times, but I only realize how intense I look when I’m spending time outside of work surrounded by summer florals and colors like coral, teal, and pink. I’ve been in the industry long enough that everything I own is centered around the beauty industry’s all-black requirement—but why is this the norm?

First and foremost, the color is universally flattering and season-neutral. The industry is all about appearance, and black is slimming, always matches itself, and is always a chic way to go. It also allows for the general appearance of a uniform for the staff, but has room for personal style and basic flexibility.

It’s also a difficult color to stain. Hair stylists, makeup artists, and estheticians are working with liquids and chemicals all day, every day. Wearing a white or light shirt plus these daily work conditions would surely lead to stains and color splotches on every. single. shirt. Annoying. Black shirts can get stained every day and never show the errors, and bleach spots can be colored in with a black Sharpie and no one would ever know the difference.

Finally, and most importantly, black is a neutral color. It allows the attention to be on the hair and makeup of the guest, not the stylist. Black won’t reflect unnatural or weird tones on freshly-colored hair, and it provides a plain background for checking a cut. It doesn’t detract from the service at all, so the client knows they love their new look.

Wearing all black may seem like a boring or unimaginative way to go at first, but everyone in the industry starts to see it as a creative challenge rather than a burden. You can mix black fabrics, layer your black pieces, and find black shoes and accessories to add a punch to the look. The most colorful personalities wear all black, so wear your all-black outfits with pride!

Stay inspired with the picks below an all black look, in the salon or out on the town.



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