8 Questions With Beauty Industry Power Couple, Lauren & Rodrick Samuels

8 Questions With Beauty Industry Power Couple, Lauren & Rodrick Samuels

At the Aveda Institute Madison we have the pleasure of regularly bringing in global guest educators that are experts in their craft. Lauren & Rodrick Samuels are not only a power couple, but are a power couple in business. They own Detroit based salon, Hair Lab Detroit, and travel all over the world presenting at hair shows, salons/barber shops and beauty schools. Lauren and Rodrick have had a lot of industry recognition in publications and awards. They will be presenting at the Aveda Institute Madison on Wednesday, June 6th. Register here.


  1. What is your ideal vacation spot?

Lauren: I don’t have a specific location that is my go to, but my ideal vacation spot is anywhere that has a beach with a relaxing vibe with a quaint city to explore with my family.

Rodrick: My ideal vacation spot is anywhere with a beach. I love the ocean and being from South Carolina and now living in Michigan, I don’t get to be a beach bum very often.

2. Who do you watch for inspiration? 

L: My inspiration always comes from traveling. When we are on the road and I have a day or two to explore a new place my mind is free and I find inspiration everywhere. I’m always inspired by the local culture,  architecture, and fashion in my new surroundings.

R: For inspiration I watch music videos. I really enjoy the visual arts as it gives me ideas for hair and our own videos.

3. Share with us one beauty/wellness secret you live by. 

L: My one tip would be to try and get enough sleep. Our career can be both mentally and physically draining. It’s so important to rest your body and mind so that you can be at peak performance. We keep a crazy schedule, so this doesn’t always happen for me, but I ALWAYS try to get it where I can.

R: One beauty/wellness secret that I live by is keeping my beard shampooed. If guys don’t properly shampoo their beards and dry them properly it can smell moldy; not attractive at all.

  1. What are you currently listening to? Top 3 replayed songs on  your ITunes/Spotify?

L: Rodrick is the DJ in our house, and I’m usually pretty happy with what he picks for us  😂

R: My Top 3 replayed songs are J Cole, 1985, Wu-Tang Clan, C.R.E.A.M  and Jay Z, Family Feud

5. What would you say is the key to success in the beauty industry?

L: The key to success in our industry is to always say yes before no, and make sure you give every client your very best…..not just what’s good enough. Education is always important as well. Set a goal to learn something new every week!

R: I would say the key to success in the beauty industry is that everything gets easier when you stop expecting it to be easy. Success isn’t supposed to be easy or everyone would be driving around in a Lamborghini and living in million dollar homes. Separate yourself with an insane work ethic.

6. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

L: The best advice I ever received wasn’t in a short sentence or conversation. Early in my career I was mentored by the owner of my first salon, and she taught me that in this industry nothing will come easy. You must put in the work,  even when it’s not convenient, and to be great the work is never done.

R: The best piece of advice I have ever received was to surround yourself with those who want you to succeed. People who don’t pursue their own dreams won’t encourage you to pursue yours.

7. Three people alive or not that you would like to have dinner with?

L: Richard Avedon, Photographer

Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue

Vidal Sassoon, Hairdresser


R: Puff Daddy aka LOVE, Barack Obama and Jay Z. It will be LIT!!!

8. Last photograph you took?









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